Saturday, November 5, 2011

Supre Spree Batch 2

Hello babes,

Our sister site From Lola, With Love is organizing a spree for SUPRE. It's our 2nd batch.

Check them out some of what SUPRE has in store! =)

Things you should know:

  1. All prices are inclusive of exchange rate fee of credit card, international shipping fee, shipping insurance, sales tax when reach M'sia custom, and a small handling fee. These fees combined are only a small part of a sum of total shipping + handling cost, which is divided and shared among spree-ers. No more or less. It's a fair trade.
  2. Prices are not inclusive of local postage. This is because we don't know how much item you're buying and we want to save on your postage. Normal Pos Laju rate is quoted in the invoice, depending on the weight of items.
  3. We're able to quote this low price because we have our way. We've organized several sprees before this, so you can be rest assured to shop with us.
  4. All the items below are still available when quoted, so if you're interested, you need to act fast because stocks are always running fast at Supre.
  5. Our minimum cap is 10pcs of items for this batch, so once we reach the capping, we'll close the spree and proceed to place your order. Everyone can get their items earlier and avoid items being out of stock (OOS).
  6. Any enquiries, please send us a postcard.

New Arrivals

Babydoll Mini Dress, RM 137.40 / Chiffon Oversized Kaftan, RM 114.50

Strapless Gathered Dress, RM 137.40 / Rusty Printed Strappy Dress, RM 82.40

Petite Flower Printed Elastic Waist Dress, RM 91.60 / Rozes Lace Racer Back Dress, RM 82.40

Denim Cut Out Skirt, RM 160.30 / Vintage Printed Chiffon Shirt, RM 160.30

Frequency Printed Strappy Dress, RM 82.40 / Anka Printed Singlet, RM 91.60

Paisley Printed Lace Dress, RM 128.50 / Pleat Front Mini Dress, RM 150

Daisy Printed Fitted Dress, RM 85.70 / Banda Striped Fitted Dress, RM 120

Chiffon Short Blazer, RM 162.80

Roses Printed Playsuit, RM 107.10 / Strappy Playsuit, RM 107.10

10X20 Striped Maxi Dress, RM 171.30 / 10X20 Striped Short Singlet, RM 77.10

Frill Textured Mini Skirt, RM 107.10 / Brush Floral Printed Asymmetrical Skirt, RM 171.30

Sale Items

Capsleeve Fitted Dress, RM 64.30 / Long Basic Singlet, RM 22

Stones Printed Chiffon Singlet, RM 43 / Swoop Printed Low Back Singlet, RM 43

Studded Shoulder Denim Shirt, RM 107.10 / College Varsity Jacket, RM 128.50

Suede Panel Front T-Shirt, RM 42.80 / Wide Cropped T-Shirt, RM 32.10

Deep V-Neck Oversized Dress, RM 42.80 / Tie Front Cropped T-Shirt, RM 32.10

Snow Tiger Printed Ruffle Dress, RM 43 / Velvet Fitted Skirt, RM 43

Striped Oversize Knit Jumper, RM 107.10 / Long Sleeve Chiffon Top, RM 64.30

Tie Front Chiffon Long Shirt, RM 85.70 / Belt Loop Dress Pants, RM 64.30

Tulle Maxi Skirt, RM 64.30 / Pleated Suede Shorts, RM 42.80

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