Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Announcement - Short Hiatus and Added SALES Items!

Hey babes,

We're sorry to inform you that The It Girl will be on a short hiatus due to hectic schedule. Yes, it's that crazy. Assignments, assignments and assignments! Apologize to those late replies and postings.

But fret not, we'll be back on January with new goodies! To receive our updates firsthand, do sign up for the newsletter for previews and more!

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New clothes added in the SALES section with LOW prices, do check it out!

Stay pretty and til we meet again!~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This Week's Announcement

Hey hey hey,

We're happy to announce that The It Girl has been nominated as Blogshop of The Month by Your Shopping Kaki!

Along with other popular blogshops such as Ugly Duckling Closet, Doublewoot and more!

Winning blogshop will be titled YSK December's Blogshop of The Month and not only that, you shopping kakis get to enjoy promo all month long!

Being nominated is already an honor. We wanna thank our lovely girlfriends for supporting us. Show us your love and start voting now!

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Note: Poll is at the BOTTOM of the page of YSK's link.


Also, our sister site, The It Girl's Hot Junk has updated. Feel free to check it out!

I've got Ruffled Tartan dress and LACE corset dress up for grabs!

Click on picture below to go!


Do check out our SALES 24/7 section too for absolute bargain!

Also check out our Available section to only view items available on hands!


Sorry girls, but no update for this week.

Do come back next Wednesday or Thursday for more!

Exact date and time will be announced.

Stay tuned!~